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Apna khoya hua pyar hasil karne ka wazifa

Love is a natural emotion like hunger given us by Allah Pak. In our life we love our parents, friends, siblings and one specific person. When we love someone, he/she means world to us. When time of marriage comes, people pray a lot to Allah Pak that he granted the love of their loved one without any difficulty. Apne payar ko wapas pane ka amal and prayers have continuously been common and extremely rich in demand.

Daily millions of individuals like us pray for love, to induce somebody who loves them dearly and that’s why they browse Apne payar ko wapas pane ka amal. Each day several heads bow in prayers ahead of the Allah Subahnawatallah. Individuals virtually cry to own a companion in their lives. Accept those, who had somebody However thanks to some issues or misunderstanding they lost them.

apne khoye pyar ko hasil karne ki dua

apne khoye pyar ko hasil karne ki dua

For instance, nowadays there are several couples who marry to their loved one. But, once someday, due to financial issues, or because of different in-laws, you get separate. In such a state of affairs, Apne payar ko wapas pane ka amal works best remedy for any man or lady.

The process of doing amal is mentioned below:-

  • Make fresh wadu
  • Think about your loved one
  • Take one plain paper and pen
  • Recite “Bismillahir Rehman Nir Rahim” once
  • Write below mentioned dua on the paper
  • Ya Habeeba Man La Habeeba Lahu
    Ya Tabeeba Man La Tabeeba Lahu
    Ya Mujeeba Man La Mujeeba Lahu
    Ya Shafeeqa Man La Shafeeqa Lahu
    Ya Rafeeqa Man La Rafeeqa Lahu
    Ya Mugheesa Man La Mugheesa Lahu
    Ya Daleela Man La Daleela Lahu
    Ya Aneesa Man La Aneesa Lahu
    Ya Raahima Man La Raahima Lahu
    Ya Sahiba Man La Sahiba Lahu
  • Put that paper into plain cloth or plastic and keep it with you until you get result
  • In sha Allah within month you will achieve your aim and after that you can buried that Taweez into soil
  • During all this time offer obligatory prayer and Recite Holy Quran on daily basis.
  • Must not wear Tawez on a place which is not pure.

Apne payar ko pane ki dua

It is very painful for anyone to get ignored by someone she/he loves from the core of heart. Sometimes our husband/ fiancée/ lover ignore us or not gave us proper attention which can make anyone miserable. If you can’t tolerate getting away from your husband or better half, then follow the apne payar ko pane ki Dua.

This Dua could be a safe way to raise Allah to assist you in filling the heart of the person you like with mohabbat for you. For example, you’ve got a better half, girlfriend or fiancé, who is upset with you and is thinking to finish the connection with you. In this situation try to solve the matter as soon as possible and make her/him realizes that he/she important for you. Allah Pak doesn’t like those people who make their loved one angry or upset. Sometime situation gets more worst so you must Consult to Allah Pak and ask for help.

There is a Dua in Quran-e-Pak that you can recite to make situation good with your loved one. Below mentioned is the very powerful apne payar ko pane ki dua. Must follow Dua process carefully and your all problems with your loved one will be solved.

  • Start this Dua on first thrusday of month
  • Make fresh wadu
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 time
  • Then recite “Allah Humma Jaa’nni Mehboob In Fo Ya Buduhoo Ya Buduhoo” 111 times
  • Again recite Durood Shareef 11 times and make Dua to Allah with pure heart.
  • Do this Dua for 40 days and In sha Allah you will get results.
  • Women must not do this dua for more than 7 days.
  • With this apne payar ko pane ki Dua do not miss any obligatory prayer make strong connection with Allah Pak.

Apne payar ko hasil karne ka Wazifa

Human life is very complicated and it has many twist and turns. We have different needs and sometimes to fulfill those needs we take help from Allah Pak through dua and wazifa. Wazifa means to recite some verses of Quran-e-Pak in order to seek some favor from Allah Pak. Before starting any wazifa make sure that the reason of doing wazifa is correct and it is according to shariah.

You can do wazifa for any solving problem and to seek blessings of Allah Pak. If you love someone and want to have same feelings from him/her, then you can recite apne payar ko hasil karne Ka wazifa. Wazifa has no harm effects and In Sha Allah if that person is good for you, then Allah Pak will grant you his/her love. The process of doing one of the most powerful Wazifa is mentioned below.

  • Recite Durood-shareed (21 times), before namaz-e-isha,
  • Now, perform the namaz as you are doing a day,
  • Again recite durood shareef twenty-one times, once namaz is over
  • Pray to Allah, mention your partner’s name and your needs too,
  • Try this wazifa a day, while not a gap for a minimum of twenty-one days and Ins sha Allah you will achieve your desires. The apne payar ko hasil karne Ka wazifa is terribly straightforward to follow and results are nice.

Hence, if you’re facing relationship downside, then don’t lose heart, Allah Pak is always there to assist the people that search for it. But, it’s necessary that you simply should follow the wazifas and amals within the rightful manner. Also, don’t watch TV or listen to music or perform the other varieties of sin like drinking alcohol to induce the most effective results from the apna khoya payar hasil karne ki wazifa.

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