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Dua to Make Husband Love You

Dua to make Someone (Husband) love you

If a person ignores you or doesn’t like you then there is no hope exist to make that person fall in love with you. If you are in favor, than likely there may be high chances to believe in fate. In this situation offer Dua to make my husband love me and try your best to express your feelings to your partner.  Although, lots of peoples are in impression that we can’t change feelings of a person we love. Moreover, love is nothing more than an emotion just like stress and fear we face in our daily life.

There is a Dua to make my husband love me in Quran-e-Pak which you can recite to have your husband/partner’s love. But if you felt that you get attracted towards someone & this becomes more irresistible with time. Your bonds with him/her became stronger but he/she is unaware from your emotions.

dua to make husband love you
dua to make husband love you

In that situation don’t feel low that you are unsuccessful to win their heart. Allah Pak helps those who are pure about their feelings for someone. Believe in Allah Pak and express your feelings to the person. Sometimes even in marriage you are afraid about your partner’s feeling about you. If you think even after expressing your feeling, your partner may be not love you back then pray to Allah Pak for this.

The procedure of offering Dua to make my husband love me is mentioned below.

  • Offer obligatory prayer
  • Recite Durood Shareef three times
  • After that Recite “YA MUTA AALI” 100 times
  • Recite Durood Shareef Again three times and make Dua to Allah Pak for your Husband’s love.
  • Does this procedure after every obligatory prayer until you get success.

Dua to Make My Husband Love Me More

Have you suffering with relationship complications along with your husband after marriage. Sometimes a situation comes that it may be impossible to bring him back. Because of your husband’s behavior you couldn’t feel happiness after a time of your marriage. In this situation you must offer Dua to make my husband love me more to make this situation easy for you.

Often many wives try to make their marriage work but their husband doesn’t talk to her.  Also in-laws don’t treat her well and when she starts to get close to her husband, he refused to fill the gap in the relationship. In such situation, try to find your mistake and talk to your husband about his behavior. May be after discussion your problem will be solved and your marriage become cheerful. There is a Dua to make my husband love me more in Quran-e-Pak that you can recite to make your husband love you more.

  • Offer obligatory Prayer
  • Recite durood Shareef three times
  • Recite “YA AFWU” 1250 times.
  • Again recite Durood Shareef three times.
  • Make Dua to Allah Pak for your husband with pure intensions
  • Do this procedure for 11 days after any obligatory prayer.
  • In sha Allah you will achieve success through Dua to make my husband love me more.

Dua to Make Love between Husband and Wife

Husband and wife relationship is the first every relationship made by Allah Pak on earth. Love and affection from your partner is everyone’s right. If you think your husband does not love you and you are unable to do anything about that. In this situation offer dua to make love between husband and wife to create love for you in your husband’s heart.

Allah Pak delivered us Quran-e-Pak for guidance and for solving our daily life problems. Do you that Qurani Aayat or Wazifa can increase honesty, loyalty, love between husband and wife. There are many Surah and Duas to make love between husband and wife in Quran-e-Pak that you can recite to make your husband love you. Here, in this post we would suggest you some powerful Dua to create love between husband and wife.

Surah Yasin is known as the heart of Quran-e-Pak. Muslims in all over the world, recite it , memorize it for seeking the blessing of Allah Pak an to solve their daily life matters. By reciting this Surah, you can bring love and blessing into your life.

The process of reciting this surah for to make love between husband and wife is mentioned below:-

  • After obligatory prayer of Isha
  • Recite Suraah Yaasin chapters seven times & blow breath on right hand of your palm than separately on 7 almonds than give these almonds to your husband to eat.
  • In sha Allah you will see prominent change in your husband’s behavior within few days
  • Do this procedure for 7 days.
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