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Shohar ko Kabu Karne ki Dua

Are you getting worried your husband doesn’t listen you his inclination is towards another women. Because it’s natural instinct of a person if they lost interest, he might search happiness in some other women. You want your husband listens you, then apply these shohar ko kabu karne ki dua and you may observe some miracle changes in your husband behavior. Your husband admires you and stop going to other women in search of love. Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua is consists of dynamic universal power of god brings smile in face of lot of women’s hence rescued millions of home from breaking up. Implementation of this shohar ko kabu karne ki dua under guidance of our well known Islamic astrologer will never ever make your husband go away.

shohar ko kabu karne ki dua

shohar ko kabu karne ki dua

Powerful Shohar ko kabu karne ki dua

Waa alanasi amina maan yatthaakhitthu

Min Allaahi duni yuhiboonahum danadadan

kahuubi Allahii wall athena ashaddoo amaano

lillahii hubban walav yaraa alamoo allathena

yarawnaa iith Athaba alquwwataa anna lillahi

Aan jammee wanna shadedu Allha aala athahabi

Shohar ko kabu karne ka tarika

Sometimes due to some ignorance and egoistic issues between couple’s leads to generation of large misunderstandings and it results your husband or shohar shows lack of interest in you. This is a potent method to control your husband mindset and mold him accordingly. These shohar ko kabu karne ka tarika are extremely helpful in fixing tension of your marriage and bring a utter happiness in your life.

Shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa

Are you got frustrated with daily clashes with your partner? Are your shohar behavior become troublesome towards you each passing day, due to his misconduct your life turns to be a hell. Then by follow our astrologer suggestion you can get rid from all your worries and difficulties. Shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa can surely help to resolve your issues, it can change your partner temperament and he becomes obedient thus following your all the instructions without arguing with you. You will be happy and also lead a peaceful married life by bringing sudden positive changes in your husband behavior.

Shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa:

(Taking Name of kind and Benevolent ALLAH)

Bissmmillah al hir Rehmaan neer Raheem

Saallall’lahu Alee Mu’hhammad

Sallall’ahu Alaayaahi Waassallam

Shohar ko kabu karne amal

Women are easy target of male dominance society, after getting married with a women, man thinks she is her property, he can do whatever his desire. To fight with these obtuse mentality, unfair and injustice and make your husband realize that women is not puppet of someone hand, you have to first arise feeling of respect and compassion towards women in his heart. Sohar ko kabu karne ka amal is the only holy medium can bring fruitful results, through this means of sohar ko kabu karne ka amal you can achieve what you might expect by influencing his thoughts and mind.

Sohar ko kabu karne ka amal:

Maan Kaanaa Moohammad bin Abaa Ahaadin

M-in rijjaalikum Waalla Kin Rasuul

ALLAAHI WAA Khatiimaan Nabhiiyeena

Bin Rehamatika Yaa Air Hamaar Rahemeina

Updated: December 13, 2019 — 5:44 am

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